Welcome to the Herb Best Practice Guide

This site aims to provide industry with up to date, practical information for the integrated management of pests and diseases on protected herbs.

This guide was produced by AHDB Horticulture, known at the time of funding as HDC (Horticultural Development Company). Any references to AHDB Horticulture/HDC refer to the same organisation.

Section A details the principles and components of integrated pest management. Sections B and C are a collection of best practice guidelines of key pests and diseases of protected herbs.

Each guideline contains information on pest or disease symptoms, sources of infestation, spread and integrated control. Photographs are provided to aid recognition.

The three Quick Reference Tables below aid symptom diagnosis and list pesticides and fungicides currently approved for use on protected herbs.

We look forward to adding to this site in future – your ideas are welcome!

Quick reference tables

Common damage symptoms on protected herb crops and possible pest and disease causes
Pesticides currently approved (April 2013) for pest control on protected herbs
Fungicides currently approved (April 2013) for disease control on protected herbs